Thursday, March 27, 2008

Etsy for Animals

I just came across this group- Etsy for Animals: and I wanted to share it. It's a group of etsy artists and crafters who donate portions of their sales to animal shelters and charities. EFA has a charity of the month, this month is the Visakha SPCA Cow Sanctuary. What a great idea, with a great cause.

I am a big-time animal lover, with 2 cats of my own. I would have more, but my husband put his foot down. So instead of adopting more animals, I volunteer at a no-kill animal rescue shelter- I take care of the sweet kitties there. I am amazed at the generosity and selflessness of the women who run the shelter. Absolutely NO animal is ever euthanized; they are committed to taking care of each and every animal that comes to them, including the terminally ill, abused, feral, etc. It is an honor to work for them.

Here are my boys- Jack and Henry (both from the shelter). They are sweet and curious, and surprisingly obedient. They know they're not allowed in my studio, ever. Cats + beads + wire = disaster.

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