Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birds n Bees

"Abeille" by

I've menioned I'm a gardener- of flowers, herbs, vegetables... So this whole bee crisis worries me. According to sources, both honeybees and butterflies are disappearing. Apparently in London, swallows have disappeared! The culprit is unknown, but there are lots of theories. In 2005, the Varoa mite was blamed for the loss of half (50%!) of the American bee population. The crisis continues, and the mite theory continues, but some are wondering if pesticides are to blame, or perhaps GMO plants don't produce the "right" kind of pollen, and then there is the theory that cell phone towers disrupt their navigation.

Even Haagen-Dazs is concerned! They have a website- and a new flavor of ice cream... Vanilla Honey.... that benefits honeybee research.

So here's how we can help....(from Sally Morton at

1. Plant heirloom varieties of plants and veggies. No more GMO varieties! I order from

2. Use organic and natural methods of gardening pest control instead of commercial pesticide. Commercial pesticides kill beneficial insects as well as the pest, and seeps down into the soil and contaminates it.

3. Use natural and organic methods to improve your gardens. Commercial fertilizers also seep into the ground and comtaminate, creating "dead zones" where NOTHING grows. Think compost, companion planting, etc.

4. Make your garden attractive to bees and butterflies! Try the following- butterfly bushes, lavender, sunflowers, thyme, cosmos, coneflowers, wysteria, coreopsis, and lemon balm.

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