Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Dreaming of a Friend"

copyright rogol vita

I'm really excited about my latest etsy purchase! I saw this photograph featured on the front page of etsy a few weeks ago, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Of course I love cats, but something about this image just had such an emotional impact on me. The mood that is set is very quiet, very lonely, but hopeful... I love it. PhotoVita ( is a very talented photographer, indeed. She also has a great promo going on- first 10 buyers get a free print of whatever image they like. Hooray!

Speaking of cats... I helped a mama cat give birth at the shelter last week. Well, I helped as much as I could, anyway. It was amazing and beautiful. Here's a photo of her with her beautiful little kitties. I was so proud of her hard work, and inspired by her motherly instincts. They kicked in as soon as the first baby arrived.- she knew exactly what to do! Nothing is as sweet as a freshly born mewing kitty. awwww.....

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