Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Morning News

Well, at least the tomatoes weren't a total loss. The fruits that were on the plants did ripen, and are delicious!! Though not quite black, as the name would indicate, they are a funky mix of green, red, pink and orange. One does have black streaks on top. But they are delicate, very sweet and quite juicy. Yum! I have probably 5 more left on the plants, and then thats it. Maybe its a blessing not to have a kitchen bursting with tomatoes?

And the basement is done! Including my studio! Still need to "move in" to my new studio, but here's a peak at the almost finished studio and the definitely finished basement.

Tonight I'm having a "grown-up garden party" to celebrate turning 30. I'll post pics soon. I'm looking forward to my thirties, but seriously, who let me get this old?!

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