Monday, January 19, 2009

A Return to Prints

I started my yoga poses series back in '02/'03, as an expression of my love and gratitude towards yoga. Then I started my master's program in sculpture in '04, and my focus shifted a bit. In my spare time I started making jewlery for friends, and enjoyed playing with colorful glass beads and pieces of copper.

The creative tides have turned again and I am working more 2-dimensionally again. Partly because my growing belly and aversion to chemicals prevent me from doing too much sculpture, but also because that's just the way it works for me. So I have started working on some drawings, and plan to create more watercolor yoga images.

In the meantime, I've posted more yoga prints in my Etsy shop. And one was recently blogged about by Constant Galore. Check it out!

I'll post all new paintings soon.... now I just need to crack open my paints...


Joy Ribisi said...

Yippie! I loooove your yoga poses. I have to have one soon! Do you sell your original watercolor paintings, or just prints?

Lindsay Satchell said...

Thanks, Joy! Be sure to check out my February promo on the prints.

Yes, I do sell some of the originals. I don't have all of them, some where sold or given as gifts. But a few do remain. If you're interested in a particular painting, convo me and we can chat!!