Monday, March 30, 2009 friend Gail!

Gail Borowski
I decided a while back that I wanted to start sharing my artist friends on this blog. I have so many talented friends with skills so different from mine that I am often in awe of their abilities.

So please allow me to introduce my friend, Gail Borowski. Gail is a great friend I met at the Detroit Institute of Arts. She is patient and kind, and has a very quirky sense of humor. I was always excited to see our names scheduled together for the same shift!
Gail works on a fairly small scale, focusing a lot of detail and attention to the pieces she creates. Birds are a common theme in her work, and show up in various creative ways. I particularly love her silhouetted works that blend both graphic and realistic elements. They have a very modern feel, but also a sense of preciousness and nostalgia. I also am a lucky owner of a pair of her birdie earrings that are so adorable and perfect for a mama who is feathering her nest.
Check out Gail's website- to see (and purchase!) her beautiful work. She also has works at various galleries, and will be participating in an upcoming show... The ReUse Center is hosting its first annual Recycled Materials Art Show from March 22-April 22, 2009, at the ReUse Center in honor of Earth Day 2009. For detials check out: Gail will be showing jewlery that features found and re-purposed objects, as well as images of her paintings. Earrings, bracelets and pendants are currently on display. Gail would love to see you at the April 22nd reception!!
I keep bugging Gail to open an Etsy shop one of these days.... but I think she's doing just fine on her own!

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