Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scrub a dub dub

I love handmade soaps. Yes, they're a little more expensive, but I like knowing who made my soap and what's in it. As a vegetarian, I like knowing there are no animal products used, and that my soap is completely cruelty-free. And as a person who is very sensitive to scent, I love the various concoctions that soapmakers come up with. Orange Creamsickle Soap? Yes, please!

I love this yoga soap gift set from Sacred Suds- What a great idea for your favorite yogi! I just got "Laughing Buddha"? Mmmm- grapefruit and ginger. That will wake you up in the morning!

Check out CityBird's soaps- get your favorite city map in a bar of soap!

Wishing you all happy spring cleaning!

1 comment:

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

Thank you so much, Lindsay! I think you'll like the Laughing Buddha soap. It's hard not to smile when you use it :-)