Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blooms, Bugs, Beasts

There's an annual show here in Detroit at The Scarab Club called "Blooms, Bugs, Beasts." It's a show of... well... blooms, bugs and beasts. I decided to make some drawings especially for the show this year, and hoped they got accepted. Here are images of my entries:

Each part of the drawings are created using some type of template. I use circles, ellipses or french curves. The french curves make the little birdie-beasts, and I love them.

And... they were accepted. Yay! It's important for the artwork to get out and socialize a little, play with the other artwork, get some fresh air. They can't just stay in the studio all the time.

So here's info about the show if you're in the Detroit area. Stop by and check out the show!

The Scarab Club


Wednesday, May 19-Sunday, June 27

Reception: Friday, May 21 6-9 pm

And speaking of original artwork... keep your eyes peeled for some original works available soon!

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