Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back on the mat

I have to admit, it's been a while since I've been on my mat.

Why, you ask?

- We are moving! To South Carolina! I've been really busy cleaning the house, going through everything so that it was presentable for our first open house yesterday. Ugh.
- I started taking Aikido. I go two nights a week, cutting out opportunities for yoga classes. But it's really fun! And challenging... to say the least...
- I am a mom. My son is 11 months old. Ahhh, remember the days when I could just leave the house and do whatever, whenever? Yea, me neither.

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Well, last night I made sure to make it to a yoga class. I went to a lovely Yin/Restorative class with Karen at Livonia Yoga Center. Yin Yoga is a slower practice that aims to stretch connective tissues instead of just muscle tissue. It was a super relaxing, mellow practice, just right for a Sunday night. If you haven't tried Yin yoga before, I suggest you do.

Of course, if I'm totally honest with myself, I could practice right here in my own home. So could you. But do you? I would love to hear how you stay motivated on your own. When and how do you find time to practice at home? Do you use DVDs? Do you have a favorite CD to listen to?
Wah! is one of my favorites:

Hope you find your way back to your mat if you're off. If you're on, keep it up! And if you don't have a mat.... well, what are you waiting for?!!


Anney E.J. Ryan said...

Good for you, Linds! Nice job finding time in your busy schedule. It must be pretty hard. Now, plus moving, close to impossible.

Did you ever try out That's what I do on the days I don't have class. The core and detox workouts are my faves.

Recently I heard of yin yoga. I tend to favor the slower classes. I like to have the time to work on the poses, rather than jumping from pose to pose, without the time to assemble it right. Which do you prefer?

Great post!

Lindsay Satchell said...

Hey Anney,

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the link to I hadn't seen it before. That's a great resource!

I honestly like both equally- sometimes I'm in the mood for a more vigorous Vinyasa, other times I like a deep Yin class. But really, any yoga is good yoga. ;-)