Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pics and Paintings

Hi!  Just thought I'd say hello and share some pics and paintings.  We are living in our temporary home here in Michigan until August, when we officially move down to South Carolina. We were able to partly move in down there at our new home, which we LOVE!  How can you beat this backyard??!!

Unfortunately, during the moving process we lost our cat, Jack.  He was 3 years old and just had a check-up last month, but the vet thinks he had a heart condition that couldn't take the additional stress of moving.  We are terribly sad and miss him so much. He was my buddy.  Here is a new little painting, dedicated to him.

Jack and Alistair, from 2 weeks ago.

And finally, I'm playing around with some new images and materials. Still a work in progress. Oh, and i LOVE my new necklace from Shy Siren - isn't it pretty?!


MissMichindo said...
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MissMichindo said...

dunno why my post got deleted, but it could be my clumsy fingers and tiny laptop keyboard. here's what i said:

i love your ShySiren necklace -- so cool to see it on you. i'll have to show you the really cool Shy Siren cranberry-red necklace and earrings i got around christmastime. they look enough like ornaments to be festive but they're subtle enough to wear any time of year.

Abdul said...

So, is this the backyard of your new home? Pretty huge, eh? Moving in to a new house is very exciting yet challenging, from loading your stuff in the truck to unpacking and decorating the new house. It's been years since the move. How did you find the new place? I bet so much has changed today. I'd love to see some updates.

Abdul Jackson