Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet relief!

I am in love with my new massage therapist. Let's call her "Faith."  She is amazing.  Not only does she have a great sense of the muscles and tissues, as well as a very firm (yes please!) touch, she's also a Reiki master.  I literally felt years of tension and pain drip out of my always-aching arm.

I've had issues with my shoulder/arm/wrist/hand for YEARS.  It first started as a college student, when I was painting houses as summer work.  Then it flared up again when I was doing antiques restoration, and hit the zenith of pain and numbness when I was a bench jeweler.  That kind of repetitive strain causes long-lasting damage.  Hairdressers, dental hygienists, computer-bound folks - you hear me?!! Yup.

So over the years it has gotten worse and worse, and last week I couldn't even hold a paintbrush.  Couldn't spoon-feed my son.  Couldn't hold the steering wheel with my right hand. What's an artist's worst nightmare? Losing the use of your hands.

But thanks to Faith, I am back in fighting form.  Yes, there are stretches to do and emotions to release still... but I am 100% on the road to recovery. And I promise never to let it get this bad again.

So here's the latest progress on the little drawing I'm playing with.  More to come!

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hi, how cute are you?