Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling inspired?

I wanted to share this image of an installation done by Finnish artist Jonna Pohjalainen who created it from fallen trees in the forest. So inspiring!  I've been working quite a bit with colored pencils lately, so this piece really caught my eye.  

Artmaking has been pushed slightly to the back burner, for several reasons.  I still have not found a permanent "fix" for my hand/wrist pain. So holding a brush, pencil or any type of tool for longer than 5 minutes is still very painful. Frustrating for an artist... AND, I am currently almost 6 months pregnant with our second son! yay! So the first 3-4 months were spent trying to keep lunch down and sleeping any time I got a break from chasing my toddler. And then my last excuse is that I just haven't felt very inspired. It happens. 

So for now I'm collecting images that are inspiring. I think I'll post them occasionally to spread the inspiration. Enjoy!

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