Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art Every Day- Day 15

I got an early start today. You can see my morning tea next to my paint water - a very dangerous thing for an artist to do! Never put your drink next to your water. Alistair joined me and painted his own work of art.
I've been looking at hexagon (or honeycomb) quilts a lot lately. Maybe it's because I love bees, maybe because strict geometry really appeals to me, or the fact that it's amazingly difficult to create.... but I'm fascinated.  I will never be that kind of quilter, and it's OK. Instead, I created a paper quilt of sorts.
I love how the colors really pop on that black background.

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Helen Lowery said...

We love watercolor too! They're GREAT for little kids... easy to clean up and so much fun! Love seeing your work!

PS...You've inspired me to try blogging, Lindsay!