Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art Every Day!

I've always wanted to commit to an "art every day" project, but hesitated because too many rules make me nervous.  But I saw this project and thought, "Why Not?"  I can make art everyday. In fact, I often do!  I'm just going to record and share it this month. So check back later and see what I create! Check out this link to see all of the participants.

For now I'll share something I made a few days ago...  I found THIS great tutorial on how to make an owl-shaped heating pad.  I made one, and it's super cute. But here's a pic of my first attempt that I botched and sewed in the wrong order so that I couldn't fill it with rice. Instead, I put a ribbon on and hung it from the door. She's so sweet.

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Penny said...

This is a great idea Lin!! And, a great blog! Penny