Monday, January 9, 2012

Doing good.

You know what I love? When someone contacts me saying "hey, your work would be perfect for my website and to promote this awesome thing I'm doing."  OK, that's not exactly what people say, but that's how I hear it. People do amazing things to help others, creating opportunities for growth and happiness. And sometimes my artwork fits in. It feels good to make art that is not only self-expression, but also helps others.

I'm a mom, and know how tough it can be when you bring home your first bundle of joy. It's hard to understand how and WHY they let you leave the hospital with a new human being!! So when Debbie Glander approached me about using my 'Mother and Child' image to help advertise her New Mothers support group, I was thrilled. Here's a look...  You can check out her full website at

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