Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's good to challenge yourself. It's good to feel uncomfortable and unsure about things; it helps you grow. Learning something new is good for you. So in this new year, I have a new challenge.

Figure out Twitter.

Do you remember back in November, I posted this cute little birdie and announced I was on Twitter? Yea, well, that was about as far as I got. It's not super intuitive, and it's a bit overwhelming. But when I mentioned that I was feeling a bit frustrated, some lovely folks in my life offered help. My cousin-in-law MaryKatherine (@mkhammer) is a twitter queen and sent a long note about etiquette.  My good friend and fellow yogi Tony (@giantyogi) shared a book that beautifully explains the benefits of Twitter - and he should know, he's a social media expert.

Anyway, so now I'm not only ON twitter, I'm actually ACTIVE on Twitter. And if you want to follow me, please do! I'll follow you back, promise.  Come see me at!/LindsaySatchell

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