Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Week with RSV

Ugh, RSV. A nasty little respiratory virus that knocked us all out for over a week. First the toddler, then the baby, then mama, then daddy.  Boo....  It's super contagious and super awful, so we hunkered down and stayed home for, gulp, a whole week. No playdates, no playground, no daycare (sniff, sniff)... just us, hanging out at home. Nights were awful - daddy and I had to take shifts to care for the boys since they were so sick they'd wake up every hour or so. Not fun at all.

But... we did have fun during the days!  We had so much fun that I thought I'd share some of the activities that kept us sane.

Playing with beans and rice (and sparkles!), making "deliveries" with the dump truck...
Vacuuming (really, he loves this!) and typing emails...
Cooking in the mud pie kitchen. Doesn't the moss soup look good? Yum...
A paper cake we made for grandma's birthday (along with lots of singing of "happy birthday).
Playing with homemade playdough and pipe cleaners (beads were later added). 

We are finally starting to feel good again. Back to regular life! Hope you're all staying healthy!! 

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