Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Treasury, Batik Update, and a Cheap Thrill

EAT PRAY LOVE is one of the loveliest treasuries I've ever been included in! I love the colors, the tone, the mood...Check out those macaroons, for Pete's sake!
photo by SonjaCaldwell

Batik update: My first waxing and dipping is complete. 
I'm going to stop with this fabric (at least that's what I think right now!):
It's a subtle, pale sea foam green with swirls and I like it as is. But that could always change.

Here's the second piece, which will get waxed again (not sure what pattern yet) and then dipped in dark blue. The best part is having no idea what it will look like until it's done. This is probably my favorite aspect of creating - playing around to see what I get. It's an information gathering period that is just so satisfying. Then after I really understand the whole process, I'll begin making more deliberate designs and patterns. 

One last thing - have you heard of these crazy water beads? I guess they're used by florists in vases to hydrate flowers. But they're also super fun for kids (old enough not to eat them!) to play with. Alistair loves to have them in his bathtub. They start out super small and then "grow" into the size of gumballs. They're squishy, boucey, cold, slippery little guys. Feels so nice on your fingers. You can find them at Michaels, Jo-Anns, etc., or online. Cheap fun!

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