Sunday, May 13, 2012


My son is turning 3. How did that happen?! To celebrate, we threw an art pARTy!!! It was super fun, and Alistair had a blast. We started out with "create your own apron," continued with "create your own masterpiece" (their own canvas to cover in paint, marker, crayon, stickers, glue, etc.), took a break for pizza and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes, then finished outside with a "cooperative mural."  I was in my element, making sure everyone had what they needed to make some art. The art teacher in me will never stay quit. By the end all the kiddos were covered in paint and splashing around in the water table, carrying buckets of water to "clean up."  It was a blast.

 (here's a link - i used mini cupcakes and not as much icing, sheesh!)

A little trick I learned from Pinterest - MAGNETS!

Roll of paper on the fence, happy kids.

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