Thursday, June 7, 2012

Propagating Passion

The other day I was tired and uninspired and needed to get out of the house. So after the boys were down for the night, I took out my bike and was off for a mood-lifting ride. Pedaling along, I spotted some interesting purplish-blue flowers on the side of the road. I passed by them after a brief moment of admiration and it hit me - PASSIONFLOWERS!
I only became aware of passionflowers in the past 6 months after I saw a picture of one online. Amazing, Gorgeous, Tropical. Surely I would never see one in person.
But I did. It felt like a sign... of something, I dont know what.  I plucked one (something I rarely do, as I feel it's better to let something live beautifully than die beautifully) and raced home to take pictures and put it in a vase. It closed up on me, but not before I got a few great shots.
Then I researched how to propagate passionflowers and came across this lovely blog. Isn't it really a lovely layout? So now my cuttings are in the windowsill, and I'm really hoping some roots appear. But if not, that's OK. I'm slowly learning how to let go of attachments, so if it grows, great. If not, great. Either way, I found some passion(flowers.)


Anney E.J. Ryan said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE passionflowers. i can't believe you found one while biking! What a find!!! I didn't think they grew anywhere on the east coast. But it's not like i ever really researched where they grow.

Passionflower tea is FREAKIN DELICIOUS. My favorite sleepytime tea is lavender, sculcap, and passionflower. (a store in exton sells all three LOOSE). this blend has a rich malty flavor, with a flowery edge. The sleepiness takes you down like a benadryl (it works!), but doesn't make you feel like crap in the morning.

PLUS taking passionflower on a regular basis decreases stress, trauma, depression and heartache.

This one's definitely in my top ten herbs. Love it. :-)

Lindsay Satchell said...

Yea, it was an amazing find. I successfully transplanted one from the site so that I have one growing in my backyard. I hope to see some flowers soon. I visited the originals the other day and there are FRUITS growing now!!! I can't wait to try one!!

I've read about making tea - do you literally steep the flower?? How do you make it?

Great info as usual, FartyGirl!!! xoxo