Sunday, July 15, 2012

I, Naturalist

I have something I want to share with y'all! (yes, the ubiquitous and useful phrase has made its way into my daily vocab. I surrender.) You know I'm a nature lover, especially flowers, birds and bees. Well, a friend hipped me to a site called where you can post observations and learn all about the species you find! And you can follow other people's observations, ask for IDs on things you're not familiar with. It's so cool. Check it out - and follow me on!

See this tree? Looks like an ordinary tree, right?
Look closer. What are those little fruits? Why, they are delicious figs!! Take 'em right off the tree! OMG, so sweet and tender. I've never had figs right off the tree before.
I posted this observation on, and discovered that Fig trees (not their real name) are related to Ficus trees! Who knew? (Well, arborists, of course.)

And I met these lovelies from my backyard last week. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Spicebush Swallowtail, meet my readers. Readers, meet these gorgeous Swallowtails. That's my Lantana they're enjoying. I have future plans for a dedicated butterfly garden. Welcome, friends!


Anney E.J. Ryan said...


Vegetable garden? Flower garden? Herby garden?


You are a genius.

Bring on the swallowtails.

Lindsay Satchell said...

Yea, at our next house I'm going to plant an herb garden, a shade garden, a butterfly garden, a wildflower garden, a sunflower garden.... big big plans!!