Thursday, November 12, 2015

Framing Tips!

 Framing Tips!

Did you know there's a super easy way to trim down 8.5"x11" prints to fit in an 8"x10" frame? Just pop out the glass and center it over the image, then lightly trace the glass. You can use scissors or an Xacto blade to cut it out. Then clean the glass of any fingerprints and replace it in the frame along with your perfectly sized print!
(A)- Pick out your frame (B)-Pop out the glass (C)- Trace the glass in pencil and cut along the lines (D)- replace glass with the perfectly sized print behind it. Don't forget to clean the glass! 

I recommend looking for a wide bordered frame because it gives the image more "breathing room." See how crowded it looks in a narrow frame? Wider is better. 
Narrow frames tend to look crowded

Next, instead of cutting down the print to fit in an 8"x10" frame, how about matting up and using a larger frame? You can easily get a mat sized 11"x14" with an 8"x10" opening. Then center the print behind it, (tape it if you want but be aware that tape can damage your print) and put it in your favorite 11"x14" frame. 
Choose a frame and a mat
No need to trim! Just center the print.
And remember that grouping several prints together always looks great! Here's a SALE link for 3 prints for $60. Enjoy! :-)

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