Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Less.

These past few weeks living with my in-laws while we wait until we can move to SC and join back up with all of our belongings has given me great perspective on what we actually need.  We have about 10% of our stuff with us and guess what?
That's all we need. 

Good thing there's a Goodwill store about a mile from our house.

One of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, has great tips on simplifying your life. And yesterday's blog, the best goal is no goal  had the same message as the book I'm currently reading:

...which happens to have the same message as the lecture I'm currently transcribing (Lama Marut's commentary on the Ashtavakra Gita).  That message is:


I don't have to do a bunch of stuff. There's already plenty to do naturally, just keep going. Don't add to the pile with loads of stuff and hobbies and meaningless relationships.  Do what you're passionate about, take care of your friends and family, and the rest will fall into place. 

Okay, I'm listening.  Yoga, art, family, friends. Got it. Anyone else experimenting with simplifying?

Monday, July 26, 2010


Guess what?  There's a SALE going on in my shop!!  This week only!  ALL ITEMS are 25% off!  (Sorry, I'm really excited!)

We are getting ready to officially move down to South Carolina, so "everything must go", as they say.  My prints and cards and journals want to get out into the world. They want to see your yoga room, your meditation space, your friend's house...

I will be closing up shop starting August 1st for a few weeks. So if you want to get in on the sale, don't delay!  Stock up on cards for your pals. Or your yoga teacher! Yes, please give your yoga teacher a nice gift, even some kind words would do. He or She is working so hard to bring you a beautiful tradition that is changing your life.

Also, there are some great jewelry pieces on sale in my other shop- Check it out.

Thanks, y'all!!  My customers are the best!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Clean it up

I've been thinking a lot lately about cleanliness.  

Serious yoga students will be familiar with the Yamas and Niyamas (Restraints and Commitments) from the Yoga Sutra.  The most familiar is Ahimsa, or non-violence. The second Niyama is Saucha -  cleanliness or purity.  

From the Yoga Sutra 2.40, "If you make cleanliness a way of life, then you will never find yourself in crowds of the filthy." 
Saucha in Sanskrit

I've been so sad to watch the oil spill in the gulf going on for so long, causing so much filth and destruction.  And if Karma is true, then perhaps we can see the gulf get clean again if we practice more Saucha in our lives.  

I *could* start by cleaning my kitchen... but I think I'll start by cleaning my yoga mat. How's yours doing?   

Here are some good tips for cleaning your yoga mat.  Or try this- tranquility yoga mat cleaner.  How do you clean your mat? How do you keep your world clean?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just between us...

I'm in limbo, living with family and waiting until we can go down to our house in South Carolina.  So I've got plenty of time to make art these days.  Thought I'd share a few images. They're both gifts, so... shhhhhh!  Don't spoil the surprise!! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet relief!

I am in love with my new massage therapist. Let's call her "Faith."  She is amazing.  Not only does she have a great sense of the muscles and tissues, as well as a very firm (yes please!) touch, she's also a Reiki master.  I literally felt years of tension and pain drip out of my always-aching arm.

I've had issues with my shoulder/arm/wrist/hand for YEARS.  It first started as a college student, when I was painting houses as summer work.  Then it flared up again when I was doing antiques restoration, and hit the zenith of pain and numbness when I was a bench jeweler.  That kind of repetitive strain causes long-lasting damage.  Hairdressers, dental hygienists, computer-bound folks - you hear me?!! Yup.

So over the years it has gotten worse and worse, and last week I couldn't even hold a paintbrush.  Couldn't spoon-feed my son.  Couldn't hold the steering wheel with my right hand. What's an artist's worst nightmare? Losing the use of your hands.

But thanks to Faith, I am back in fighting form.  Yes, there are stretches to do and emotions to release still... but I am 100% on the road to recovery. And I promise never to let it get this bad again.

So here's the latest progress on the little drawing I'm playing with.  More to come!