Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Art Hero

Louise Bourgeios was the first artist to really inspire me in a big way.  So when I saw that she has a show in NYC right now of fabric designs, I was Sooper Dooper excited!  Not because there's any way in the world I'm able to go see it in person, but because she's about a million years old and still making amazing work.  And because I've been so interested in fabric and sewing as a fine art.  She's my art hero.
untitled, 2005

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Collaborating with Dimple Designs

Sometimes when I'm really stuck or not feeling particularly inspired, a project comes along that gets me going. My good friend over at DimpleDesigns asked if I could help her out and paint a few flowers to go on a baby announcement.  Lady Dimple has helped me out so many times when my (very)  limited graphic design that I was more than thrilled to help her out. She has also done my wedding invites, baby announcements, artist cards... so I can honestly say she is awesome and if you have any card/invite/announcement needs you should check her out. See if you can find this project, as well as my son's announcement in her gallery- http://dimpledesigns.com/index2.php#/gallery1/3/

Here's a peak at what I made for her. Nothing big, just a little something to make a baby's announcement special.  And a little something to get me painting.