Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...Super Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope you are spending this holiday with someone you love, feeling grateful for all the blessings in your life. This year, as always, here is what I'm most grateful for:

Now... time for some shop news!! 

This weekend only, I'm offering a SUPER SALE!  Buy one print, get one free!!  That's right! One for you, one for a friend. (Offer valid Friday, November 23rd - Monday November 26th.) Hooray!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Who's your yogi?

I've been included in another lovely treasury! If you've never seen one before, please treat yourself to viewing a gorgeous curated collection. Thanks, Mehru!!

The holiday season is approaching... some would say it is upon us. So I just wanted to remind you of a few great ideas for the lovely yogi or yogini in your life!

A great gift for under $20. You could even frame each card in a small frame and make 5 gifts!

Check back next week for Cyber Monday specials! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Treasury Time

Treasury Time!!

Thanks to TNTees for including me in a gorgeous treasury this morning. Check it out!

Roses are still blooming here in Asheville. Lovely!

I want to try encaustic. I think it could be really good. 

My lil artist painting away, making mama proud!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Practice makes Practice

"If you only practice once a week, then you're just using Shakti (energetic force or spark) to move you forward. You have to practice more than that to make any real progress."

That's more or less what my teacher told me this weekend. I've been going to yoga class about 2 times a week, and not practicing at home. And I'm having trouble with muscle cramps and instability in my core. So she's right. If I want to move my practice forward and make real progress, I have to commit to more regular practice.

Isn't this true of anything? I know it's true for making art. If I wait until I'm inspired to make art, I won't be making much art. And if I don't make much art, nothing new or interesting happens. It's a discipline, a commitment to my art to get in my studio and work. And the more I create, the more I am inspired to create. Whether something exciting happens or not, I must work.

And if I want change and transformation to happen in my yoga practice, I must get on my mat.
Latest work in my studio. Watercolor and colored pencil on wood.

FYI, maybe you've noticed I haven't been using my FB page much lately. Most likely you haven't noticed, because FB stopped sharing my posts with all of my fans. I don't really understand the changes, but I know only about 10% of my fans see what I post. So look for announcements and updates here on my blog! Feel free to subscribe- I promise not to jam up your inbox.  

Wishing you a steady practice of whatever makes you happy!!